Massachusetts High Net Divorce Attorney

Expert Legal Guidance for High Net Worth Divorce Cases

While all divorces can get complicated and unpleasant at times, these difficulties tend to be magnified when a couple or individual has a high net worth.

This generally includes situations in which:

  • Spouses with assets that exceed one million dollars.
  • An income that exceeds $200,000 in the past two years before the divorce.
  • Joint income that exceeds $300,000 in the two years preceding the divorce.

If you are trying to navigate the complex world of prenuptial agreements and large estates, The Halks Firm is ready to help. To secure our legal services, contact our Newton high net worth divorce attorney at (781) 995-0107.

Comprehensive Legal Support for High Asset Divorce Cases

High net worth divorces have a number of unique challenges. Reaching an agreement may include a trial before a family law judge. The Halks Firm has a trial-ready attorney, ready to provide representation like no other.

Let us help you through matters including:

  • Unallocated support: Through allocated support, a payer pays less support while a receiver receives more support. This is accomplished by shifting the tax burden from the parent in the higher tax bracket to the parent in the lower tax bracket.
  • Maintaining lifestyles after divorce: In a high net worth divorce, assets should be divided in such a way as to achieve the same level of comfort that the parties were accustomed to. We can help you ensure that you do not get a disproportionate share of the marital estate.
  • Divorce tax issues: We can help you plan for the tax consequences of your divorce. Asset transfers in a divorce that are taxed include stock and retirement accounts. Additionally, the spouse who receives alimony will have to pay taxes on it. We can help you put yourself in the best position for the future.
  • Complex property division: Marital property must be divided equitably, but in a high net worth divorce, it can be difficult determining what all of the marital property is. We can help you accurately appraise all of your marital property, including real estate, trusts, stocks, retirement accounts, and business interests.
  • Business valuations: We can help you accurately appraise your family-owned business. In some instances, we may even be able to prove that your business is not subject to distribution during your divorce. Whether you desire to sell your business or need assistance with a business management restructuring plan following a divorce, we can protect your best interests. At The Halks Firm, we have experience representing both high-income individuals and dependent spouses.
  • Asset division: When the court determines asset division, it will consider factors such as the length of the marriage, the conduct of the parties during the marriage, the contributions of both parties to the marital estate and the age, health, occupation, income, vocational skills, and liabilities of both parties. We are skilled at identifying and analyzing high-value assets and we can help you ensure that your spouse isn’t hiding any assets from you.
  • As well as divorce involving children: Custody, visitation, relocation, and more.

For aggressive legal representation in a high net worth divorce, contact the experienced lawyers at The Halks Firm at (781) 995-0107.

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