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Is It Okay to Date During My Divorce?

If you and your spouse have already filed for divorce and are embarking on the process of dissolving your marriage, you might be wondering if now is the time to get back into the dating scene, so you can begin a new chapter in your romantic life. After all, you and your spouse are no longer together and are probably even learning how to lead separate lives. However, technically, you are still married and dating during this time can actually have some serious legal repercussions when it comes to your divorce settlement. Therefore, the short answer to this question is that you should not date while you are still in the midst of a divorce.

Below is a list of some reasons why you should avoid dating until after your divorce is finalized:

  • It can impact your ability to settle your case: If you are trying to avoid litigation and are attempting to work out a settlement with your spouse through mediation or another alternative method of divorce, you risk souring the process once your spouse discovers that you have found someone new or are hitting the dating scene again. Even if your spouse is the one who initiated the divorce, this new information will probably still be unsettling and make hashing out a settlement much more challenging than it should be.
  • It can impact the amount of alimony you receive: Depending on how serious your new relationship becomes during the course of your divorce, it could potentially affect the amount of spousal support you receive. In most cases, if you live with your new partner, this could eliminate your chances of obtaining any spousal support since your household will have the benefit of two incomes. Consider the fact that this new relationship might not last and that you might be losing your chances of receiving financial support in exchange for a temporary rebound.
  • It can impact your parenting arrangement: Generally, when hashing out a parenting plan, it is often assumed that each parent will be alone with the children during that time and, when that changes, agreeing on an arrangement can suddenly become complicated, especially if your ex-spouse feels like he or she is being replaced. Moreover, if the new person you are dating has a questionable past, a judge might not be inclined to award you the custody or visitation time you are seeking. Is a new relationship really worth the risk of not getting the time you want with your children?
  • It can impact your relationship with your children: A divorce is time-consuming and, if you also have a job, this probably leaves you with just enough time for your children and they are going to need as much attention as you can possibly spare. If you are also focusing your energy on dating or on a new relationship, chances are your children are not going to get the help they need from you during this difficult time. You might not think your children will notice or care that your dating life is taking time away from them, but they will and you can bet it will impact your relationship with them. Give yourself and your children some time and wait for the divorce to be finalized before you dive back into dating.
  • It will distract you from dealing with your own issues: Whether you initiated the divorce or not, this process is likely taking a toll on your emotions. Dating might seem like the perfect way to distract yourself from the pain of your dissolving marriage, but until you deal with your pain, sadness, and anger, you will not be able to move on and enjoy a new and happy relationship. The last thing you want to do is repeat the same mistakes, so take the time to focus on yourself, finalize your divorce, and consider what you want out of a new relationship.

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