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If you are facing the threat of losing your home, all hope is not lost. There are defenses against foreclosure, which can help you protect your property. However, you will need an experienced attorney on your side to help you navigate it. At The Halks Firm in Newton, our foreclosure attorneys will help you protect your property and ease your concerns during this challenging time. Your home is important to you and your family and you can rely on us to provide the legal support you need.

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Defenses to Foreclosure

Foreclosure is not always inevitable. In some cases, you can defend yourself against it and safeguard your property.

Here are some defenses against foreclosure:

  • The foreclosing bank failed to follow state procedures. There are many procedural requirements for bringing a foreclosure action and, if the bank made any errors, the court will issue an order to restart the process.
  • The foreclosing party lacks standing or cannot prove it owns the loan. Banks occasionally have issues producing the promissory note that proves loan ownership. Under these circumstances, the foreclosing party will not have the standing to foreclose.
  • Mortgage services are not infallible. If a mistake is made when dealing with you or your accounts, you may be able to challenge the foreclosure.
  • If you are on active military duty, you will have certain unique protections against mortgages, regardless if you took out the mortgage before or after going on active duty.
  • If you did not receive a breach letter informing you of the default in violation of your mortgage, you may have a defense against your foreclosure.

Regardless of the defense that best applies to your circumstances, you must bring your case before a judge. Although you are not required to have an attorney, skilled legal representation can increase your chances of a more favorable result. Our legal team is here to provide the advice and guidance you need during this stressful time.

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If your home is potentially going into foreclosure, you should not hesitate to secure skilled legal counsel as soon as possible. At The Halks Firm in Newton, our experienced team has what it takes to provide the advice and assistance you need to protect your home against foreclosure. Backed by a history of proven success, you can feel confident in our ability to effectively represent you.

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