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Co-Parenting During the Holiday Season

Co-parenting is difficult enough during any other time of year, but things can get even more complicated and hectic during the holiday season, given all the plans and expectations floating around. While it might seem impossible to get through the holidays unscathed, there are some very simple tips that can help you and your former spouse effectively co-parent your children smoothly, so everyone can truly enjoy this merry and joyous time of year with minimal stress and arguments.

We have compiled a list of helpful tips that will guide you through the task of co-parenting your kids this winter:

  • Prioritize the kids: Instead of you or your former spouse getting caught up in your own desires, consider using your children’s experience as a starting point to help you make decisions. Do you think they will really enjoy you trying to squeeze in a few different family celebrations in a single day, so everyone can snag a minute or two with them? Chances are that, with so many transitions, your children will not feel like they are able to have any time to relax or enjoy quality time with their family. If you are getting the sense that your plans are only creating chaos instead of memories, scale it back.
  • Plan ahead: In many cases, co-parents already have a parenting plan in place that addresses how the holidays are to be spent. In the event that you and your ex-spouse do not already have a parenting plan in place, now is the time to hash out those details. Figure out which traditions you want to see carried on and which ones you are willing to let go of. Even if you have a parenting plan, you should both be willing to be flexible and adapt to the changing needs of your children.
  • Be flexible: Planning is a great way to avoid some snags as you move forward, but all the planning in the world will not prevent unexpected events from popping up. If your children get sick, you might need to do a little less celebrating with them. Both you and your former spouse might also have to make some goodwill gestures to keep things smooth. For example, if you have the kids on a night when your ex-spouse would like to do something special with them and you have nothing planned, consider swapping days. It will make a big difference for your family in the long run.
  • Coordinate gifts: Instead of trying to outdo one another with the price of their gifts or the number of gifts you purchase, have a talk with your ex-spouse about gift limits. Once you reach an agreement on budget limits and age appropriate gifts, share these rules with your in-laws, so everyone is abiding by the same rules. This will make the holiday season less about excess gift-giving and make your children less prone to developing a sense of entitlement.
  • Take care of yourself: This might not seem like a co-parenting tip, but caring for yourself is a big part of effective parenting. After all, the better you feel, both physically and mentally, the more capable you will be at handling this overwhelming time of year. Make sure you eat a healthy diet, stay physically active, and carve out some downtime for yourself to relax on your own or to spend time with family and friends.

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