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3 Tips on How to Handle Your Divorce at Work

If you are in the process of getting a divorce, you probably already told those closest to you, including your children and your in-laws. However, you might be wondering if you should break the news to your boss. Divorce is a rather personal topic, so talking about it with your boss probably seems unprofessional. Although you should avoid mentioning any of the gory details of your divorce, it would actually be a good idea to tell him or her that you are in the process of ending your marriage since it will likely have an impact on your work. You will likely have to either attend several court dates or attend mediation meetings that might disrupt your workday. Moreover, the emotional impact of it might require a little extra understanding.

Here are some tips to help you approach this conversation:

  1. Focus on discussing it in the context of your job: Instead of approaching the topic of your divorce as if you were breaking the news to a friend, focus on how your divorce might impact your job duties. If you are going through litigation, let your boss know that you might occasionally need to miss work to attend court. There is no reason for you to talk about what caused the divorce, so refrain from providing those details.
  1. Your divorce is not a free pass to stop doing your job: Your boss might extend some understanding and compassion due to your situation, but you should by no means take advantage of the situation by using your divorce as a constant excuse for why certain tasks are simply not being completed. Otherwise, you will likely have to face some consequences for not doing your job.
  1. Inquire about any forms that need to be updated: You will have to update some forms at work as a result of your change in marital status, such as your health insurance information and tax information. This will likely be handled by the human resources department, but if you work for a small business, this might be handled directly by your employer.

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