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The Dangers of Using Social Media During Your Divorce

Many of us use social media these days and have at least one or more profiles on various platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Countless individuals are regularly sharing their lives with anyone from close friends and family members to acquaintances and random followers on the internet and, while this is usually not a problem, it can pose a huge risk to your future if you have yet to finalize your divorce. What you share on the internet can come back to haunt you in court and irreversibly damage your chances of securing a favorable outcome.

How can something so seemingly benign have such harmful ramifications? We have compiled a list of ways in which continuing to engage in social media can harm your divorce case:

  • Your posts might be taken out of context: A fair amount of posts on social media seem rather harmless, but the trouble comes when even a harmless post is taken out of context. For example, you might not be a party animal, but if you post a photo of yourself having a drink with friends because you wanted to unwind and not let the stress of your divorce get to you, your spouse might use this picture in court to claim that you go out drinking all the time and are irresponsible. Always keep in mind that even something innocent can get twisted into a much uglier and harmful narrative.
  • Your posts can make you appear dishonest: If you stated something in court and later made a post on social media that contradicts it, you can expect to get into some hot water. For example, if you claimed to be struggling financially and cannot afford spousal support payments, but post about an expensive purchase you recently made, you will look like a liar in court, which can severely harm the outcome of your case.
  • Sharing details about your divorce can backfire: It will not be a surprise to anyone that you are having a hard time with your divorce and that it is likely causing you some frustration and distress, but posting about it on social media is still ill-advised. Writing about what a terrible person you think your soon-to-be ex-spouse is will just make you appear bitter and do you zero favors in court.
  • Your loved ones might post about your divorce: Unfortunately, even the posts your loved ones make can have a major impact on your divorce case. For example, if your child were to graduate from high school and attended an after party where alcoholic drinks were served, and was tagged in pictures, this is damaging your case. Your spouse might use this to argue that you are an unfit parent.

Ultimately, it is best to err on the side of caution and to refrain from engaging in social media until your divorce is finalized. If you simply cannot imagine staying off social media, however, always ask yourself if you would mind a judge seeing your post. If you believe it could potentially harm your case or you are unsure, do not post it. Too much is at stake.

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